Angelus Shoe Polish


Shine your black boots and shoes until you can see your face in the shine! Getting the perfect boot shine without cramping up your arm is not easy! That's why LA Police Gear loves Angelus Shoe Polish.  Angelus STILL uses the original formula created by their founding fathers back in 1907. And Angelus makes one of the best Black Shoe and Boot Polishes available on the market today. 

Keep your black boots and shoes looking shiny with the Angelus Shoe Polish. Not only does Angelus Shoe Wax Polish provide a long-lasting high shine, but it also hides small scuffs and blemishes. Plus, Angelus Shoe Polish nourishes the leather it's applied to, keeping your tactical shoes and tactical boots looking like new. And best of all, Angelus Boot Polish keeps the areas that you shined waterproof, for those days when the weather doesn't want you to look your best!

Angelus Boot Polish is a blend of natural waxes including Carnauba and Beeswax which is not only great at nourishing your shoes, but these wax blends give your boots and shoes a high gloss finish, so you'll always look stylish!

LAPG sells the Angelus Shoe Wax Polish in a 3 oz. metal tin with a screw-on lid.  This all new screw-on lid ensures an air-tight seal that helps to prevent the wax from drying out, AND the tin is perfect for traveling since the screw-on lid prevents the can from opening and the contents from drying out.  Get your perfect shoe shine at L.A. Police Gear today!