Whether your sharpening needs range from the outdoors like hunting, tactical preparedness, fishing or outdoor sports to your at-home projects in your workshop, your yard or your kitchen, AccuSharp's sharpening products will help you maintain your very best edge. 

Accusharp offers a fantastic tool for the every day use;  The AccuSharp Orange Sharpener!  We at LA Police Gear actually have an abundance of the Accusharp Orange Sharpeners laying around our warehouse.  LAPG warehouse workers are continuously having to sharpen all their cutting tools that are constantly in use to cut open boxes and containers, and the Accusharp Sharpener works great all the time, saving us from having to purchase new cutting tools all the time. 

L.A. Police Gear carries a wide variety of the AccuSharp Sharpener brand.  Check out our website for your new AccuSharp Sharpener today!