5ive Star Gear

5ive Star Gear is one of the leading suppliers of personal equipment, material and uniforms to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets. To the many thousands of police, firefighters, military personnel, survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts who use and depend on their gear daily, the 5ive Star Gear name has become synonymous with quality, innovation and service.  In 2010, the 5ive Star Gear brand Urban Survival Gear was introduced.  Today, 5ive Star Gear continues to lead the market in delivering quality goods that are versatile and rugged while consisting of all the features required to get the job done.

The 5ive Star Gear item like the Collapsible Water Bag, 5 gallon, can be the simple difference of life versus death in extreme conditions and situations.  These Collapsible Water bags are designed to store water safely and securely in a fully collapsible water container.  The 5ive Star Gear Collapsible Water Bag is made from a heavyweight BPA free PVC material that is very compact and easy to transport, which is ideal for emergency use or camping. 

When in survival mode, second to hydration is heat.  Check out the 5ive Star Gear Survival Matchbox, which can hold enough matches for a weekend trip or any survival bug-out bag. The Survival Matchbox is made from lightweight and durable plastic, giving it plenty of wear and impact resistance when out in the filed exploring.  This item is compatible with the 5ive Star Gear Windproof/Waterproof Storm Matches.

Make sure you're survival-ready!  From Tactical Gear, to camping supplies, to survival equipment, 5ive Star Gear has got you covered.