Duffle Bags

Travel Organized with Duffel Bag Dividers

There are many different types of bags available to match the type of traveler you are. There are tactical duffle bags for keeping all your gear right where you need it and military travel bags with wheels so you can carry your gear with ease. Soft-sided duffles are optimal for storing clothes, footwear, tools, electronics, and other items to establish your home away from home.

Duffle bags with dividers are ideal for organizing your travel. Rather than piling all your luggage on top of itself, there are already defined areas for you to store everything. You can always ensure there’s room for your tactical gear when you have dividers to save space for them. Plus, we offer the LA Police Gear Bulletproof Guarantee with all our bags. There are 365-day returns if anything happens to them. Many bags also have warranties for extra backup. You can shop for a tactical duffle bag with MOLLE confidently here.

Made By Professionals

LA Police Gear was founded by police officers who are familiar with the tactical gear industry and are passionate about it. We want our gear, including our duffle bags with dividers and travel bags, to offer all the benefits we would’ve liked to see in our own gear.

We even manufacture many of our products ourselves. The LAPG house brand is designed and offered directly by us. There are no middlemen, so we can keep our prices much lower than other providers

Exceptional Service

To ensure we can offer amazing benefits to tactical gear enthusiasts everywhere, we keep an industry-leading customer service team that can easily advise you with any problems. Contact us and you can get everything sorted out if you need help. LAPG is on the job.