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Duffle Bags


Eventually, everyone's going to spend some time away from home, either for work or for pleasure. When that time comes, you're going to need more than backpacks and pouches to hold your belongings. Duffle bags and footlockers are very common among the armed forces for fitting the most gear in the smallest space. But they're also a great choice for business travelers, family getaways, weekends at hunting camp or a trip to the gym. Soft-sided duffels from LA Police Gear have the storage capacity you need to fit clothes, footwear, tools, electronics and everything else for a home away from home. Our tactical duffle bags come in many sizes, shapes and colors for various service branches and personal loadout needs. Traditional rounded and rectangular duffels allow you to stuff a surprising amount in, and some have external side pockets or MOLLE webbing to hold even more. Rolling duffle bags are a lifesaver for your arms and back as you lug heavy bags across flat ground. A canvas cargo bag is a smaller option that can stretch to hold gear. Getting a bag with compartment dividers or a removable frame gives you even more ways to organize and transport what's important to you. These travel bags are constructed from ballistic-weave fabrics and durable closures to protect your belongings. Most have reinforced carry handles to prevent them from snapping or tearing off. Check the specs of each duffle to see what other features it has, such as storm flaps, ID card holders, backpack straps and internal pockets. There's no substitute for a good duffle when you have to be away from home for a weekend, week or month. We can't guarantee they'll take a bullet, but with the LA Police Gear Bulletproof Guarantee, we can offer 365-day returns if you're unsatisfied in any way. Many manufacturers offer a warranty as well, so you can confidently shuffle with your duffle at any time!