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Range Bags

A trip to the range is more than just grabbing your weapon and hitting the road - which means you're going to need more than a simple gun bag or case. Tactical range bags from LA Police Gear are used by everyone from federal agents to hobbyists who are headed off to work on their marksmanship. One day is all you'll need with one of these bags to know they're a direct hit. From basic single-weapon shooting range bags to multi-gun packs for big load-outs, there's a quality bag from a leading brand that you will love. The only problem will be trying to stop your friends from "borrowing" it.

Shop online or in one of our California stores for pistol bags and rifle bags that are on the mark. They are made of heavy-duty polyester or nylon with internal padding to protect your weapons, and most have a PVC coating to resist moisture and abrasions. But you know and we know the most important thing is the pockets. That's why we've given you all sorts of pocket options to choose from for holding ammo, magazines, cleaning supplies, permits and other gear. You can get bags with flat pockets along the side, high-volume compartments, internal straps and everything in between. Or, get a MOLLE range bag and add custom pockets and holders to meet your unique needs.

Need a bag for situations that are a little more serious? We carry active shooter bags for response operations and bug-out bags for short-term disaster survival. The versatile design means that many of our regular range bags can be used as bailout bags, too. And if the zombie apocalypse ever hits, you'll be ready with an LA Police Gear Zombie Hunter Bag that's only available here! Get your next bag in a traditional color such as black, green and tan, or spice things up with fun shades such as purple and pink. And, of course, there are plenty of good camo range bags. We guarantee the lowest prices every day on the highest-quality gear!

Range Bags

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