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Medical Pouches


Time is of the essence in medical or tactical emergencies. As First Responders, SWAT Medics, Combat and Field Medics, First Responders, EMTs, you need a tactical first aid kit and life-saving medical supplies. Our tactical gear medical pouches will carry Antibiotic Ointment, wraps and bandages, Burn Care, Cold and Hot Packs, Gauze, Tape, Hemostatic Dressings, Scissors, OTC medications for team members, a Personal Care Kit including insect repellant, sunscreen, Extra PPE (gloves, masks and eye protection), Splints, Trauma Shears, Tweezers, Wound and eye irrigation supplies, and more.

Choose from mission - specific medical pouches; LA Police Gear Medical Pouch, Eleven 10 Rigid TQ Case for SOFTT/SOFTT-W - Belt, Condor Rip-Away EMT Lite Pouch, Tactical Medical Solutions Uniformed Medical Kit - 2nd Generation, Blackhawk Pop-Up Tourniquet MOLLE Pouch, ProTech Tactical TP33 Tourniquet Pouch, Blackhawk Compact Medical Pouch, 5.11 Tactical 3.6 Med Kit, 5.11 Tactical TacReady IFAK Pouch, or the Tactical Tailor 5.56 Mag Pouch Medical Insert.

EMS supplies will fit in perfectly; the 5.11 Tactical VTAC Nylon 6 x 6 Med Pouch, Condor First Response Pouch, Eleven 10 Rigid TQ Case for SOFTT/SOFTT-W-Paddle, Eleven 10 Rigid Tourniquet Case Jacket for SOFTT/SOFTT-W, High Speed Gear M3T Multi-Mission Medical TACO, Blackhawk STOMP Medical Pack Accessory Pouch, High Speed Gear On/Off Duty Medical Pouch, Eleven 10 Small Personal Releasable Med Kit-MOLLE, Condor Foldout Medical Bag, Tactical Medical Solutions Drop Leg Pouch - Advanced Kit, or the Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Medical Pouch; our tactical gear medical pouches are light and portable, easy wash, easy maintenance and value-for-money essential tactical medical gear.

Our medical pouches are stylish, handy, made of durable 600D Polyester; Eleven 10 PTAKS Med Pouch, North American Rescue Rig Series Eagle IFAK Bags, Tactical Tailor Rogue QR IFAK Pouch, 5.11 Tactical Double Deploy Gear Set, First Tactical Oxygen Kit, Blackhawk US Made Medical Pouch, Uncle Mike’s Latex Glove Pouch, Imminent Threat Solutions ETA Trauma Kit Pouch (Tallboy), Maxpedition Individual First Aid Pouch, High Speed Gear BLEEDER/BLOWOUT POUCH, First Tactical I.V. Kit; double-stitching gives longevity and MOLLE compatibility ensures hassle-free attachment to your backpack, purse or tactical vest.

You’ll love the colors; Black, Grey, Khaki, Coyote, Brown, Tan, Green, Red, Navy Blue, Camo, MultiCam; the First Tactical Trauma Kit, Magpul D-60 PMAG Drum Pouch, High Speed Gear Active Shooter Leg Rig Combo, North American 4-AID Bag, North American Rescue Maritime Assault Kit (BAG ONLY), Strike Industries RICCI Compact Medical Pouch with Leg Strap, High Speed Gear Med Sled Replacement, PHLster Flex Utility Pouch, 5ive Star Gear EMP-5S EMT Pouch, TUFF Glove Pouch, North American Rescue OCHO Mesh Aid Pouch, or the North American Rescue 4 - Chest Pouch (BAG ONLY); choose a plain finish or a textured tactical gear medical pouch. Either way, your medical supplies will remain protected from soaking by water or wear and tear in our scratch resistant waterproof pouches.

Customize your small and portable medical kit in our military grade medical pouches for trauma and routine critical care; airway stabilization tools such as pocket masks and manual suction, patient assessment tools such as a stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff, routine wound treatment tools, trauma supplies like Israeli bandages and chest wound injury seals, Abdominal Dressings, Chest Decompression Supplies, Cervical Stabilizer, King Tubes, Collapsible stretcher or litter for patient transport, Tourniquets, CBRN Threat Kits, DQE, Blister Care, Pen Light, Seizure Stabilizers, Epinephrine for allergies or anti-overdose medication like Naloxone, other medical tools. Our high quality superior design medical pouches are preferred by Police Officers, CHP Officers, Nurses, Doctors, Medical Students, Home Care Workers, Military Personnel, Hikers, Campers and outdoor enthusiasts forcarrying first aid supplies for treating bites, wounds and other injuries.

Our tactical gear medical pouches come with features tailored to handle a medical emergency; a 2-way zipper with noiseless rust resistant cord pulls that won’t snap shut while accessing first aid supplies, MOLLE Webbing on the top and sides, belt loops on the back of the medical pouch, small and large elastic bands and straps to hold vital supplies of different sizes, as well as spacious pockets that can fit in your EMT shear to snip through medical gauze, denim, leather, or other fabric.

Massive storage within a small pouch is what you get in our lightweight frame medical pouches. Our Quick Access Rip-Away EMT pouch has a hook and loop panel feature and a wide handle for rapid removal of first aid. Made of premium anticorrosion 1000D nylon or 600D Polyester material, our heavy duty military grade Medical Pouches are super durable while the Rip-Away EMT pouches have reinforced and double stitched stress points with dual YKK 2-way zipper closures and internal Bungie Straps and zippered mesh compartments to secure all your emergency medical supplies in place. Free shipping across USA is available.

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