Grenade Pouches


Have you ever seen a Tactical Gear Grenade Pouch with so many features? Our tactical gear grenade pouches are MOLLE System pouches with double closure Velcro pull flaps and 25mm side release buckles to hold your frag grenade securely in place.

Choose a color you like best; the Condor Single Flash Bang Pouch, Condor Grenade Pouch, Condor Double Flash Bang Pouch, Condor Double 40mm Grenade Pouch, Tactical Tailor Fight Light Flashbang/Smoke Pouch, Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Single Smoke Grenade Pouch, 5.11 Tactical VTAC Nylon Flash Bang Pouch, the Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Gen-4 MOLLE System Flash Bang Pouch, Condor Double Frag Grenade Pouch, Blackhawk US Made Flashbang Pouch, Tactical Tailor 40mm 4 Round Panel, High Speed Gear Double 40mm Belt Mounted Taco, Condor Single Frag Grenade Pouch, High Speed Gear Single 40 MM Belt Mounted Taco, Condor Single Frag Grenade Pouch; in Black, Grey, Coyote, Brown, Khaki, Camo, Green, Olive Green, and Dark Earth.

Let our customer service managers guide you; the High Speed Gear Single 40 MM MOLLE Taco, Condor MultiCam Single Frag Grenade Pouch, Condor MultiCam Double Frag Grenade Pouch, Maxpedition Double Frag Grenade Pouch, High Speed Gear Single 40 MM Belt Mounted Taco, Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. MOLLE Frag Grenade Pouch Single, Blackhawk US Made Smoke Grenade Single Pouch, High Speed Gear Double 40 MM MOLLE Taco, High Speed Gear Frag Grenade Pouch, Tactical Tailor 40mm 12 Round Belt, Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Frag Grenade Pouch Single with Speed Clips, Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. MOLLE 40 MM Grenade Pouch (holds 3), 5ive Star Grenade Pouch, Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Flashbang Pouch with Speed Clips, Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. 40 MM Pouch, Blackhawk Omega M16/Flashbang Pouch, Condor Grenade Pouch – CLOSEOUT; choose our easy payment options as wellas the advantage of free shipping across USA.

Police Officers, First Responders, CHP Officers and Law Enforcement Officers view our tactical gear grenade pouches as popular military equipment for many reasons. Apart from ammunition, they can carry other small items when in the field or on a walk. We have tactical pouches for 1 grenade and army pouches for 3 and 5 grenades. Superior design gives you easy access to ammo and reliable fixation in the course of storage and transportation. The grenade bag is of semi-rigid construction for protection from scratches, water, dust, sand, debris, shingles, stones, pebbles and inflammable liquids. High-quality, durable Cordura fabric is used. IRR and DWR fabric processing ensures enhanced protection from water, oil and IR rays making our tactical gear grenade pouches undetectable to thermal imagers, also making them extreme temperature resistant; (-60C ... + 60C).

Our tactical gear grenade pouches can also withstand friction and loads of weight. Through the MOLLE System, they will attach themselves to other military equipment and military clothing. The interior is lined with PALS webbing and reinforced composite thread stitching. There is a bottom mesh hole for water and minute debris particle drainage. Suitable for grenade launchers and hand grenades, our tactical gear grenade pouches have been certified for their high quality and compliance to military requirements and specifications. We have recorded repeat purchases from Soldiers and Law Enforcement Personnel. Our compact and streamlined smoke pouches will hold smoke and Phosphorus grenades. They come with 38mm to 40mm lids that act as internal elevators to give you easy access to your grenades. The single smoke pouch has 2 horizontal rows of MOLLE to attach to compatible plate carriers, rigs and bags, vests and duty belts.

While most of our tactical gear grenade pouches have low noise level, we also have tactical gear silent grenade pouches specially fabricated for the Special Forces. They are pricier but ensure pin drop silence and fast access speed. Most of our tactical gear grenade pouches will accommodate a M67 type fragmentation grenade. Some have the Patented Helium Whisper® Attachment System that is constructed with high performance laminate that has been tested for combat situations. The advantage of this system is that it equals or exceeds the durability of 1000D Cordura but is lighter by 60%. We have ‘Made in USA’ grenade pouches as well as imported grenade pouches. Some come with lifetime guarantee; others with limited lifetime warranty. Ask our 24x7 Online Chat Support.

Our tactical gear grenade pouches will facilitate easy carry, storage and transportation of colored smoke, white smoke, riot-control, special purpose, fragmentation, offensive, and practice and training hand grenades for you to attack the enemy or disperse tension in a combat situation. Our tactical gear grenade pouches will also hold your smoke and special purpose grenades for you to signal, screen, control crowds or riots, start fires, or destroy enemy equipment. As a Soldier, a First Responder, a Police Officer, or CHP Officer, you need our tactical gear grenade pouches as part of your personal indirect weapon system to ensure survival both in open and confined spaces.

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