General Purpose/Utility Pouches

LA Police Gear Inc. has an amazing range of Tactical Gear General Utility MOLLE Pouches to suit your daily needs. Check out our multi-functional range of pouches; Condor Pocket Pouch, Condor EMT Glove Pouch, LA Police Gear Duty Box Set, LA Police Gear HAMS – Electronics/Toiletry Bag/Pouch, Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket Organizer, LA Police Gear Silent Key Holder, Safariland 33 Surgical Glove Holder, Condor G.P. Pouch, Condor Modular I.D. Panel, Condor Tech Sheath, Maxpedition Mega Rollypolly, Condor T & T Pouch, Condor HHR Pouch, Maxpedition PUP Phone Utility Pouch, Magpul Industries DAKA Small Pouch, Maxpedition Cocoon Pouch, 5.11 Tactical Disposable Glove Pouch, Condor Gadget Pouch, TRU-SPEC Signal Mirror Pouch, 5.11 Tactical VTAC Nylon 6 x 6 Padded Pouch, TUFF Products Quick Hook Set, Blackhawk Stealth Weapons Catch, 5ive Star Gear G.I. Spec Plastic Shovel Cover, 5.11 Tactical TacReady Thigh Rig, Nite Ize Tool Holster Stretch; our general purpose utility pouches have faultless stitching, Velcro™ panel patches, lifetime warranty and military grade elastic slots on the inside back.

Black, Grey, Khaki, Coyote, Tan, Green, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Camo, removable back straps, zippered main compartments with mesh sleeve, external zipper pockets, layered MOLLE webbing, durable 500D Cordura Nylon, Mil-Spec zippers, elastic loops and cord holders, high quality fasteners; you’ll find convenience, comfort, functionality, utility in our general purpose pouches and multi-use cases, which can store small items like cash, coins, cards, pens, small personal items, keys, Write in the Rain Leaders Notebooks, Chem lights, handcuff keys, pens, pencils and sharpies.

Choose anti-scrape, wear and tear resistant convenient access pouches with MOLLE System Attachment Straps; the Condor Arsenal Knife Case, Maxpedition Daily Essentials Pouch, First Tactical TacTix Large Media Pouch, Condor Digi Pouch, Hero’s Pride Deluxe Leather Notebook Case, Maxpedition 5’’Clip On Phone Holster, Maxpedition Accordion Utility Pouch, 5ive Star Gear Machete Sheath, Condor Binocular Pouch, Condor GPS Pouch, Maxpedition Coin Purse, Magpul XL DAKA Pouch, these utility pouches will attach to your tactical backpack, duty belt or external plate carrier. With secure inside pockets and outside Hook & Loop work with Flag Patch, let them be your perfect mates on outdoor leisure, business travel, climbing, hiking, hunting, camping, fishing trips, expeditions and trailhead bicycling tours.

Handcrafted in USA pouches or Admin Pouches with MOLLE compatible Helium Whisper® attachment system to hold administrative essentials and survival must-haves; the 5ive Star Gear 21’’ Cane/Bush/Machete Cordura Sheath, ProTech Tactical Utility Pouch, Eleven 10 Medium
GP/Admin Pouch - MOLLE, 5.11 Tactical VTAC Nylon Strobe/GPS Pouch, ATS Small Upright GP Pouch, Maxpedition Cuboid - Large, Hazard 4 Ventrapack Low - Profile Chest Rig, Rite in the Rain MultiCam Binder Cover, Maxpedition SOP Side Opening Pouch, Condor Drop Leg Dump Pouch - MultiCam, Spyderco Large Spyderpac, Blackhawk US Made Admin/Compass/Flashlight Pouch, Blackhawk Tactical Rope Bag; you will love the seamless match of aesthetics, utility and durability.

Police Officers, CHP Officers, First Responders, Civilians, Outdoor Enthusiasts, avid travelers like the quality and versatility of our general purpose utility pouches; Hero’s Pride Smartphone Case, Rite in the Rain MultiCam Bound Book Cover, Hazard 4 Nutcase Padded Hard Case, Aker Model 584 Body Alarm Case, Nite Ize Chip Case Executive Large, Blackhawk CQD Weapons Catch Mark II, High Speed Gear MINI EOD Pouch, Safariland 307-9 EDW Cartridge Holder, Mil - Spec Monkey Shear Pouch, Maxpedition Volta Battery Pouch, Maxpedition Barnacle Compact Utility Pouch, Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer, Maxpedition Tactical Can Case, or the Maxpedition Everyday Organizer; some pouches have lanyards for extra security.

Our general purpose utility pouches are lined with soft fabric with tight yet noiseless paracord zipper pulls and sand and debris resistant patterned zippers; Maxpedition R-7 Razorshell Case 1453, Maxpedition First Response Pouch, First Tactical TacTix Eyewear Pouch, High Speed Gear Pogey GP Pouch, 5.11 Tactical COVRT Pistol Pouch, Tactical Tailor RRPS Accessory Pouch Horizontal, Magpul DAKA Window Document Pouch, Maxpedition JK-2 Concealed Carry Pouch, 5ive Star Gear M16 Cleaning Kit Pouch, 5.11 Tactical Light Write Sleeve, DeSantis Gunhide Rubber Glove Holder, Cold Steel Perfect Balance Sheath, Spyderco Small Travel Case; free shipping across USA is available.

Spacious slip pockets inside a roomy main compartment will also fit in your Samsung Galaxy S5 or Blackberry smart phone; the Blackhawk Belt Pouch Holster, Galco 50 CT Sporting Clays Shell Leather Pouch, First Tactical Field Organizer, Hero’s Pride iPhone, Droid, Blackberry Holder, Cold Steel 24’’ Two Handed Katana Machete Sheath, 5ive Star Gear G.I. Spec Butt Pack, Safariland 40 Distraction Device Holder, Blackhawk Under The Radar Passport Security Pouch, Blackhawk Tactical Shotgun Shell Cartridge Holder, Maxpedition Tactical Handheld Computer Case; others are perfect for carrying your travel accessories, toiletries and cosmetics. Our general purpose tool pouches are ideal for carrying slip joint pliers, long nose pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, and other small tools.

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