Hydration Packs


De-hydration can cause serious damage to the body. Dry skin, dark yellow pee, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, sunken eyes, sleepiness, lack of energy, confusion or irritability, fainting and fatigue; these are only some of the side effects.

Our thoughtfully designed hydration packs can hold water and beverage bottles of varying volumes to keep you hydrated on a tactical mission, on the trailhead, deep in the woods, on that mountain bike trail, on the cyclist’s path or in wild backcountry.

Specially structured with built-in hydration features; hydration bladder compartment with a hanging clip or hook, drinking tubes with bite valves, openings, loops or magnetic clips that will secure your drinking hose to that convenient slot within your hydration pack, our tactical gear hydration packs are popular with Police Officers, CHP Officers, First Responders, Paramedics, Hikers, Backpackers, Mountain Bikers athletes, runners and Cyclists. They come in both small and large sizes.

Choose your favorite color; Black, Brown, Teal, Grey, Blue, Stripes; LA Police Gear Emergency Hydration Pack, 5ive Star Gear Collapsible Water Bag - 2 Gallon, Source WXP Hydration System 3L, Source Rider 3L Low Profile Armor, Mounted Hydration System, CamelBak Long-Neck Water Beast Hydrolink Reservoir, Source Patrol Hydration Cargo Pack, Oakley Linc Pack Liter, LA Police Gear Stainless Steel Logo Flask, the Condor Fuel Hydration Pack, Source Tactical 3L Hydration Pack, the Blackhawk Antimicrobial Replacement Reservoir, the Source Kangaroo Collapsible Canteen Pouch Kit, the Condor Hydro Harness, the Source Dagger 3L Low Profile Armor, Source Assault Hydration Cargo Pack, the Condor Oasis Hydration Carrier, Oakley Coyote Link Pack Miltac, Source Razor 3L Low Profile Armor Mounted Hydration System, Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Cyclone Hydration Pack, the Condor Hydration Bladder, the Blackhawk Side Hydration Pouch; 24x7 customer support, easy payment options and free shipping across USA are available.

Our tactical gear hydration packs are designed for a variety of requirements. The cycle-riding packs are perfect for trail riders. They come with tool compartments, gear securing straps and attached flaps. If you are looking for a tactical gear mountain biking hydration pack, ours have more space, which can comfortably fit in extra layers of load, and tools. They have adequate space for armor storage and built-in spine protectors. Our lumbar packs are popular with bikers and hikers, who enjoy the freedom of movement they get with these hydration packs without shoulder straps. These hydration packs carry water, essential tools, keys, wallets, cellphones, smartphones and snacks and are better for shorter outings.

Our winter warrior cold weather hydration packs provide extra thermal protection for both bladder and tube. Some models have bite valve covers. We’ve designed our running hydration packs to be hybrids between packs and vests. Being lightweight, they move in sync with your body and are better options if you prefer to carry soft bottles. Our high-end tactical gear hydration packs have hydration systems with better flow rates. Some models offer the advantage of pairing one brand’s bladder with another brand’s drinking tube and some others have shut-off valves that prevent leakage.

You get a wide spectrum of models on display in our retail outlets in Los Angeles, California or on our website; LA Police Gear Basic Field Hydration Pack 2.0, 5ive Star Gear UHP – 5S Universal Hydration Pack, the Condor Tidepool Hydration Carrier, the Condor Fuel Hydration Pack, 5ive Star Gear Hydration System Water Bladder - 2.5 Liter, the CamelBak ThermoBak 3L 100 oz Mil Spec Crux Hydration Pack, the CamelBak Stealth 85 oz Mil Spec Crux Hydrogen Pack, the Blackhawk Barrage Hydration Pack, the Tactical Tailor Fight Light 2L Hydration Carrier, the CamelBak Sparta 100 oz Mil Spec, the CamelBak Sabre 85 oz Mil Spec Crux Hydration Pack, the CamelBak Motherlode 100 oz Mil Spec Crux Hydration Pack, the CamelBak M.U.L.E. 100 oz Mil Spec Crux Hydration Pack, the CamelBak H.A.W.G. 100 oz Mil Spec Crux Hydration Spec, the CamelBak Ambush 100 oz Mil Spec Crux Hydration Pack, the Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Hydration System Carrier with Speed Clips, the Blackhawk Side Hydration Pouch, the Orca Podster 14.25 Quart Backpack Cooler – walk in today for a live demonstration or shoot your questions to our online chat support team.

Minimalist models, lightweight frames, dedicated hydration sleeves, front center access, disconnect fittings that allow you to fill water from shallow natural sources, waist belt construction and shoulder straps, structured pads for more loads, mesh covered foam back packs, integrated air channels for breathability and ventilation, broader materials for an even spread of load, beefier construction, ease of cleaning, affordability, durable nylon fabric – need we say more?

H2O, the elixir of life or simply water - call it what you will. Or Coca Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks Mocha Frappuchino, Monster Zero Ultra, Monster Rehab Lemon and Tea, Rockstar Energy, mineral water, spring water; with our tactical gear hydration packs you’ve always got your favorite drop to drink.