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Messenger Bags

The glory days of the courier may be in the past, but the messenger bag is still a great option to have for carrying important items. These over-the-shoulder bags are especially useful for when a backpack is too bulky, but you still need one or both hands free. LA Police Gear has found the best tactical messenger bags and has them in stock at the lowest prices. Deliver actual messages or carry your documents, laptop, personal effects and other belongings in a tough bag.

Our courier bags are made from the toughest fabrics that are also comfortable, so you won't get tired of them rubbing against you as you walk or run. We have canvas messenger bags, cross-body delivery bags, concealed carry bags, EDC bags and many others in different sizes and colors. Made for use by both righties and lefties, these bags have a stable strap design and all sorts of general and purpose-built compartments. All of them have durable hardware so they stay shut while traveling, and some have MOLLE webbing for customizing your loadout.

If you're looking for a casual bag or are into the more traditional hand-carry style, we have you covered as well. Our gun handbags and holster purses have the look of a fancy woman's bag on the outside, but allow policewomen to carry a concealed weapon for unexpected altercations. For both men and women, tactical briefcases hold everything from laptops and GPS units to water bottles. Covert satchels and Lucy totes serve a similar purpose in a larger size, with roomy compartments for all of your gear.

You don't need to ride a bicycle or live in a big city to enjoy the cool features and lasting construction of a good messenger bag. Shop at LA Police Gear and get low prices every day on these and other tactical packs. If you're having trouble picking out the right one, call or email our customer service team during normal business hours for expert advice.

Messenger Bags

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