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Hydration Systems

Hardy first responders and outdoor adventurers are going to get thirsty. But who has the time to deal with a flimsy water bottle bag clip or belt holder? Not to mention that knocking a swig back also knocks your eyes off the prize. Tactical hydration systems were designed with special ops and soldiers in mind who don't have time to pause for a drink. Since then, they've been co-opted by hikers, runners, bikers and other athletes and adventurers who want a simpler way to quench their thirst. Fill up a hydration pack from LA Police Gear and you'll see why so many people wear their drinks on their back.

Most adventure hydration systems have a similar, proven design for getting precious liquids into your body. A pouch or small backpack contains a reservoir bladder that holds water, sports drinks and other beverages, with a hose-style straw runs out of it to your mouth. From there, you can choose any number of option. Hydration pouches are used by many first responders and hikers, who place them in a larger pack. If you're an athlete who doesn't need to carry as much, get a hydration backpack that you wear by itself. We also carry armor-mounted MOLLE hydration carriers, canteen pouches and bottle holders if you prefer another method.

Sizes range from small 1-liter hydration systems to large 3-liter water carriers, so you can bring as much water as you think you'll need for an outing. Many modern packs are insulated to help keep your beverage cold (or warm if you're a winter warrior). LA Police Gear has dozens of tactical hydration carriers from CamelBak, Blackhawk, Tactical Tailor and other leading manufacturers. We've developed our own elite water packs as well, including a unique reversible reservoir that can be turned inside-out for cleaning. There's no price tag on having good, clean water for intense missions - but we've put the lowest possible prices on our hydro packs anyway so you won't be left feeling hosed.

Hydration Systems

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