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Is it time for a new tactical watch? LA Police Gear has one that's right for you! Some people don't even bother to wear a watch anymore because they can tell time on their smartphones. But these people just don't know what they're missing. A good watch can track all sorts of information without having to dig it out of your pocket or hold it in your hand. And there are no data plans on these bad boys, so they can go where your phone can't. Strap an extreme adventure watch onto your wrist and you'll be ready for important missions at all times.

Looking for a simple watch that just tells time? Look elsewhere, because these watches are the most advanced in their class. LA Police Gear has digital tactical watches and analog watches for every budget. But even our least expensive watches have features such as a stopwatch, alarm, electronic backlight and shock-resistant body. More advanced watches have the functionality to match. Get police watches with multiple independent alarms, built-in calendars, world time zones and multi-year battery life. Our diving watches are impervious to water and use special non-electronic means of illumination. GPS navigator watches are another stellar option for keeping track of where you are as you train and explore.

By slipping on one of these watches, you'll show everyone that you're serious about the time. A good tactical watch can make police work, camping, working out and many other things more productive and more satisfying. And they just flat-out look impressive as well. Pick up replacement watch bands while you're here in case of an accident, or extend the life of your timepiece by choosing a solar watch or rechargeable watch. LA Police Gear has the lowest prices on watches made by Casio, Garmin, Luminox, Smith & Wesson and other leading brands. Most are backed by an impressive manufacturer's warranty - and you always get our 365-Day Return "Bulletproof Guarantee!"


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