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A wallet is more than just something to hold your cash and cards. It's a fashion accessory, a status symbol and a personal statement on how you view the world. Make the right statement every time with a tactical wallet from LA Police Gear. These durable wallets are used by both men and women who need a billfold that truly speaks to them. And they're made of rugged materials that can take the pounding first responders, outdoorsmen and athletes dish out every day. Get your next wallet from us without having to spend all the money that you would otherwise keep inside it.

We have both classic and modern wallet styles that are practical, comfortable and eye-catching. Our bi-fold and tri-fold wallets will easily hold money, business cards, receipts, SD cards and other items without creating a lump when you sit. Get a soft leather wallet that resists water and moisture or pick a nylon billfold with Ripstop fabric weaves. Badge wallets have additional clear vinyl windows for storing your department badge along with regular ID cards. Athletes will like sport wallets that have a polycarbonate body to protect objects as large as smartphones from getting crushed. The Imminent Threat Solutions wallet entry kit is a cool option that includes tools for picking locks or escaping from restraints.

Looking for something beyond the standard wallet? LA Police Gear has plenty of other solutions. Money clips are a high-class, low profile way to hold cash, while a financial multi-tool can also loosen screws and open bottles. Lanyard patch and card holders let you wear items around your neck without having to fish around in a pocket. In other words, if there's a way to carry money, cards and phones, our experts have found it. Click on a product or call us during normal business hours to learn more about our tactical wallets and clips. You can stop into one of our stores seven days a week, too!


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