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Sometimes you just need to be sleeve-free. When your job or hobby demands a garment that lets your arms move freely while holding all your gear, the solution is a tactical vest. LA Police Gear has vests for law enforcement, everyday civilians and people who just want to be the most stylish person around. These vests are made by respected companies such as Elbeco, Adidas, Blauer and Humbee to help you do more while feeling less encumbered by your wardrobe.

Our police vests and weapon vests are second to none for both comfort and practicality. We carry a number of body armor carriers like Blauer, ArmorSkin and Elbeco Body Shield that are designed to look like your regular uniform. This plays into your hands tactically in the field, as do the assortment of combat vests and shooting vests in our warehouse. They can hold also sorts of weapons, ammo, lights and other gear while being easy to get off and on. We also have concealed carry vests for those who are authorized to always be packing.

When visibility is a concern, make yourself brighter with hi-vis vests. They use special materials to reflect vehicle headlights and flashlights, which are a must for roadside workers and event security. Special running vests adapt this same concept for athletes who like to head out on cloudy or rainy days. Maybe the guy in Back to the Future was right, because these things really are life preservers! Other styles of vests we carry include safari vests for summer adventures and lined vests, kestrel vests and down vests for added warmth.

Both work and play can be better with the right vest. We've been working to provide great deals on great tactical apparel since 2001, and with one of our vests, you'll be better prepared for your next great adventure. Shop online around the clock with fast shipping throughout the U.S., or visit us in-person at an LA Police Gear retail store where you can try a vest on for yourself before you buy.


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