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Life's a lot easier when you have two working hands. But as we know from experience, your paws are highly sensitive to cold, moisture, impacts and scuffles. Even the toughest hands need protection in extreme situation, and our tactical gloves will provide it. LA Police Gear has hundreds of gloves in stock for bicycle cops, firefighters, mechanics, snowboarders and everyone else who tackles the extremes of life in any season. Your hands will have the protection they need while maintaining the dexterity to perform essential tasks.

Whatever duties you've taken on, there are gloves to match. We sell duty gloves for almost every position a first responder can hold. Police officers will love our selection of patrol gloves, which includes fleece winter gloves, reflective traffic gloves, clutch gloves and rappel gloves. You'll find flight ops gloves designed for Air Force pilots and hard knuckle gloves for SWAT and military personnel who engage in hand-to-hand combat. There are also cut-resistant Kevlar gloves to prevent abrasions and fire-resistant gloves for battling a blaze.

Our staff has found a number of great options for people outside the public service industry as well. Our mechanic gloves are ideal for people who work on vehicles. Shooting gloves can be worn by anyone who enjoys a trip to the range, and we have a variety of tactical outdoor gloves, utility gloves and waterproof gloves for hunters and hikers. You can even get touchscreen gloves that let you use your phone or tablet without taking them off.

These mitts are made of materials that are strong, but also comfortable and flexible, so you can move your fingers freely instead of feeling like you're wearing washboards. They come in many colors as well, including black, green, white, camo and hi-vis yellow. Your hands will thank you as soon as you slip your new pair on! LA Police Gear has low prices every day on the best hand protection you can buy.


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