Tuff Kuff High Security Handcuffs

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Tuff Kuffs has informed us that these handcuffs are on extended back order. There is currently no known ETA. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Tuff Kuff Handcuffs were conceived and developed with one thought in mind. To save officers lives. The inventor and President of Kuff Enterprises LLC, Paul J Amo, a 22 year veteran law enforcement officer, knew that there must be a way to better secure a suspect's hands. He also knew that the method had to be practical to use or officers wouldn't. After 12 years of engineering and development we are proud to offer to Law Enforcement and Military around the world Tuff Kuff Handcuffs. The Next Generation of Handcuff Technology.



  • Designed, developed, engineered and manufactured right here in the USA.
  • Tuff Kuffs are built to last, capable of withstanding over 500 lbs. of force.
  • Bow area opened up to accept larger wrists and more teeth added to jaw to close on smaller wrists.
  • Invented by a 22 year veteran Officer.
  • 100% surgical grade stainless steel
  • Key access on both sides.
  • No more slipping cuffs from back to the front.
  • Comes with 2 solid stainless steel keys.
  • Greatly limits access to evidence or to a key.
  • Will last your entire career...gauranteed!

  • Tuff Kuffs handcuffs are made of 100%* surgical grade stainless steel. As such they will need much less care than ordinary handcuffs. Keep the jaw, locking teeth and key hole clear of debris, dirt and dust. Treat all working parts periodically with a light oil or Teflon based lubricant. Wipe off any excess as this will attract dirt and dust. Sanitize with appropriate disinfectant as needed after contact with bodily fluids. Wipe clean after disinfecting and treat with a light oil as previously mentioned. Boiling or heating is not recommended. Handcuffs with a Black Penetrate coating will discolor if not kept properly oiled and wiped down.
    Tuff Kuff High Security Handcuffs