Tactical Shit Silkies

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When you pur on a pair of military Silkies you are putting on a piece of history that is so comfortable that you will never take them off. Secondy, they are so sexy, you will have to beat the women off your meat with your meat.

The history of Silkies and Ranger panties is one of honor. Originally worn by Navy Seals these shorts started as UDT Shorts. These Pipehitters wore them with pride as they would run through base with their weapon proudly displayed for all the wives to see.. Eventually the shorts went mainstream in the US Army as Ranger Panties but were quickly "phased out" due to wives on base complaining about seeing mens thighs, and outlined junk.

"While the military slowly got rid of Ranger Panties, one small group of men held on to those great satin dick sheets and these were the men of Special Operations. As wearing silkies became a trade, Rangers, Green Berets, MARSOC, and Navy SEALs saw it as a badge of honor and began to wear the shorts as a sign of rebellion. Like teenagers acting out against their parents, SOF Operators fought the oppressive leadership and demanded their right to wear garments that make them feel like men. They soon pushed the bounds, wearing silkies not only during PT but also out in public and even in combat." Source: RE Factor Tactical

After the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the civilian population and general Army POGS who watched the war unfold and the bodies get stacked on Youtube have begun to embrace Soffe Silkies Ranger Panties as well. There are now Ruck Marches and Shooting Matches popping up accross the country where the only thing you are asked to wear are Silkies.

These are authentic soffe silkies with the Tactical Shit logo on the left thigh.

Let the freedom ring


  • 100% lightweight nylon tricot
  • Also called Ranger Panty
  • Running short
  • Liner brief
  • Inside key pocket
  • 2 - 2.25" inseam on all sizes
  • Covered elastic waistband

Tactical Shit Silkies
WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Reviews / Q&A

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