Trijicon Tenebraex killFLASH Anti-Reflection Device 3.5x35

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  • Hgh-tech honeycomb material
  • Low-cost and retrofittable
  • Hide reflections from optical surfaces
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    Tenebraex killFLASH Anti-Reflection Device for 3.5x35 ACOG scopes. Being detected because of reflections has resulted in the loss of personnel, the failure of missions... and even changed the course of battles. ARDs (Anti-Reflection Devices) use a high-tech honeycomb material and patented geometry to provide a low-cost, retrofittable and field practical way to hide reflections from optical surfaces... without loss of resolution and with minimal light loss. Tenebraex's ARDs are used by U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and Special Forces.

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    Reviews / Q&A

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