SureFire 300 Lumen Compact Wrist Light with Luminox Watch

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  • Straps to support-hand wrist
  • Precision faceted reflector
  • Ambidextrous switching
  • Rugged Luminox watch
  • Fuel gauge indicates remaining battery power
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    The SureFire 300 Lumen Compact Wrist Light with Luminox Watch features hands-free tactical illumination that is easily accessible due to being securely strapped to your wrist while coupled with a integral Luminox timepiece.

    This model features faceted reflector that shapes the light from its highperformance LED into a 300-lumen wall of intense, blinding white light dubbed the MaxVision Beam. This beam provides tactical illumination to identify threats and overwhelm their dark-adapted vision when used in conjuction with a handgun.

    Ambidextrous switching also allows you to select two useful lower-output levels (60 & 15 lumens) for close up work. The light itself is powered by a rechargeable li-ion battery that's easily recharged using an included micro-USB cable, the 2211 Luminox also includes an integral fuel gauge. The rugged Luminox watch features a Swiss quartz movement, a unidirectional rotating bezel with timer markers, and self-illuminating tritium hands for reading the time in low-light conditions. The innovative 2211 Luminox WristLight was designed for tactical use but it is ideal for medical and industrial professionals, or anyone who needs a durable, hands-free illumination tool that's always ready!


        • Straps to support-hand wrist for instant access to 300 lumens and automatic alignment with pistol
        • Precision faceted reflector creates perfect MaxVision Beam that's wide and evenly dispersed
        • Ambidextrous switching activates three levels of useful light: 300, 60, and 15 lumens
        • Rugged Luminox watch features date, rotating bezel, and self-illuminating tritium dial for low-light situations
        • Fuel gauge indicates remaining battery power
        • Precision machined from aerospace aluminum and hard anodized for durability


        • High Output/Runtime: 300 lumens / 1 hour
        • Medium Output/Runtime: 60 lumens / 4 hours
        • Low Output/Runtime: 15 lumens / 13 hours
        • Charge Time: 3 Hours
        • Dimensions: 2.4"(L) x 2.0"(W) x 1.1"(H)
        • Weight: 4.5 ounces
        • Switching: Ambidextrous push button switching
        • Materials: Mil-Spec hard-anodized aerospace aluminum; nylon wristband
        • Color: Black
        • Power Source: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

    Reviews / Q&A

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