Spiewak Men's Short Sleeve Performance Duty Shirt

Item Code: SPDU10

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Designed to withstand the daily demands of your job, this duty shirt is highly stain-resistant, wrinkle-free and fade-proof. Functional additions like microphone and badge slings as well as a shirt grip system make this duty wear a versatile choice for work.


  • Excellent UV protection (UPF of 40+ according to ASTM 6603)
  • Hidden pen pocket on left chest pocket
  • Moisture transporting fabric around neck and across shoulders (advanced nanotechnology)
  • Permanent water and stain resistance (advanced nanotechnology)
  • Silicone grip Shirt Retention System designed to work with SPDU trousers and shirts to hold shirt tucked into trouser
  • Wash and wear
  • LENGTH: 20"
    Spiewak Men's Short Sleeve Performance Duty Shirt
  • Reviews / Q&A

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