Strike Industries Japan Type 89 Style Comp

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    The J-COMP concept comes from the Type 89 Japanese assault rifle used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, the Japan Coast Guard's Special Security Team units, and the Special Assault Team. Strike Industries has provided three version of the J-COMP to accommodate those who want to an effective and classic compensator on the end of their rifle. It comes in calibers .223/5.56. The J-COMP is built to greatly reduce recoil and redirects concussive impact by utilizing a double chamber system and six ported side vents. The front ports act to minimize flash from the muzzle. This means the J-Comp is a true dual purpose article of weaponry. With the J-Comp you can have your sights stay on the target to make exceptionally fast follow up shots. Its smooth parkerized steel black finish gives it a clean appearance and the length of the J-Comp is long enough to turn your 14.5" barrel to 16". Deck out your rifle with the J-COMPand terrorize the competition now!


    • Calibers: .223/5.56
    • Classic Type 89 look
    • High quality steel construction
    • Used by Japan's Special Forces and military
    • Reduction of recoil from two chambers and 6 ports
    • Affordable and effective compensator
    • Length makes a 14.5" rifle to 16"
    • Pin hole for weld

    • Strike Industries Japan Type 89 Style Comp
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    Reviews / Q&A