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    Scope Rings & Optic Mounts

    Keeping yourself fully equipped for any type of tactical situation is a must when you are serving in military, police, security guards and first responder teams. If you are a shooter and your rifle is the main weapon that you use in the line of fire, you need to make sure that it is equipped with all the necessary tactical gear to help you perform at your best. You must have chosen the best quality rifle scopes for aiming at your target from a long distance and taking it down with extreme precision and accuracy. However, buying the best scopes isn’t enough for achieving the desired level of accuracy and performance. In fact, there are some smaller bits that you need to buy as well so that your scopes and optics offer the same level of performance that they are meant for. Among these are the scope rings and optic mounts which are required for mounting your scopes accurately on the rifles. Investing in the right product here would mean that you get the desired results whenever you go out there in a shooting range or face your enemies in a tactical situation.

    The scope rings and optical mounts are, basically, circular clamps which allow you to attach your scope to the rifle you have. The rifles usually come equipped with the mounting bases and you just need to attach the rings and mounts to these bases before mounting the scopes and optics onto them. To put it simply, these scope rings are made to hold your rifle scopes in place as you take your shots. When buying the scope rings, make sure that it matches with your rifle’s mounting base. Usually, the best shooters prefer to go with Weaver-style base and most scope rings manufacturers make products which adhere to that particular base style. Still, you should ascertain before buying the rings and mounts that they match the base style you have on your rifle.

    With a wide variety of options available on the market from top tactical gear manufacturers, we have made the job easier for you when it comes to buying a top product. Check out our product catalogue now and find yourself the best products from top manufacturers including Vortex Optics, CZ-USA, GG&G, Aimpoint and Safariland. No matter which brand you buy, rest assured that you’ll be putting your hands at the best products around. Just make sure that it is compatible with your rifle.

    To get you started, here is our best-selling GGY&G B-Comp 30MM Ring System. It is something tailor made for the tactical long range shooters. Even though it is positioned to assist with long range shooting, you can even find it useful for short range combats as well. The lightweight scope ring comes with a removable red dot mounting platform as well. This platform is meant to accommodate those mini-red dot scopes. Overall, it’s a perfect buy and has a lot of great features to offer as well.

    For more scope rings & optic mounts, start exploring our catalogue now. You’re sure to find something for your tactical gear.

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