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ACOG Scopes


ACOG Scopes

When you are in the police, military, security guards or any law enforcement agencies, you often have to use a range of different rifles and weapons. And, when it comes to long range shooting, you need these rifles and weapons to shoot with precision. Fortunately, there are a variety of scopes and sights that allow you to do that with extreme ease and make sure that you never miss your target. The ACOG Scopes are one such type of sights that have been developed by the popular manufacturer Trijicon. If you have M4 carbine or M16 rifle, you can opt for the ACOG Scopes to give you a precision shooting experience. Having them on your tactical gear always puts you on advantage against your enemies in a range of different situations.

The ACOG Scopes, also known as Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight Scopes, refer to telescopic sights from Trijicon. Originally, these scopes were designed for use with the M4 carbine and M16 rifles, however, different ACOG accessories have also been manufactured by the brand to make them usable with other firearms. Different models of these scopes offer 1.5x to 6x fixed power magnification. An internal phosphor illuminates ACOG reticles at night. You can find some versions that give daytime illumination of the reticle as well through an external passive fiber optic light pipe. They may also use batteries for LED illumination.

Trijicon is the brand that manufactures ACOG Scopes and here at LAPG we bring you the entire collection of these scopes from the brand. If you have been looking around to get your hands at the best ACOG scopes, you don’t need to look anywhere else now. Just have a look at our products catalogue and find yourself the best models of these scopes from Trijicon.

Our top rated product Trijicon RMR Dual Illuminated Sight 9.0 MOA Amber Dot is a product worth buying for a host of amazing features it offers. It’s been developed to offer improved accuracy and precision with almost any weapon no matter what caliber or style it is. It is a durable device that can give optimum results in all sorts of tactical settings and makes an important item for any tactical gear whether you are a first responder, hunter, military, or police operative. This battery-free optical sight features Trijicon fiber optics & tritium. Quite lightweight, yet tough, it is a product you can never overlook when in search of the best ACOG Scopes. When you can’t compromise on precision, there is no better option than Trijicon RMR as it’s the best on the market for all sorts of military and law enforcement applications. With its red-dot visibility and minimal profile, it allows you to quickly acquire your target and hit it on the spot more accurately and with extreme precision. The unique shape and rugged aluminum housing of this scope adds to its toughness by distributing the shock away from its lens. It’s recommended for all the great reasons.

For more ACOG scopes and best equipment for your tactical gear, start exploring our products catalogue now.