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    Pistol Magazines

    Pistol magazines make an essential part of your firearm and you must have the best quality ones that last for a long period of time. Whether you are in police, military, security guards, or first responder teams, you need to keep backup magazines with you so that you may swap them when needed. Besides, magazines and their springs tend to wear out with time as well. They are not meant to last for a lifetime whether you use them regularly or they are just loaded up and then sit in your weapon for years without being used. The usual malfunctions can result from de-formed followers, problematic firearms, user error and bad ammunition. Well, whatever the case, you need to have a few pistol magazines on your tactical gear and you must buy the best quality ones that you can expect to serve you for times to come. 

    The pistol magazines are storage as well as feeding devices for ammunition that are built into or attached to your repeating firearm. They usually move the stored cartridges into a certain position where these cartridges can be loaded into your pistol’s barrel chamber by firearm’s action. The detachable alternatives are often called as clips as well. You can buy magazines separately from your actual firearm as well. They can make your backup magazines for times when you need them to swap quickly and avoid the hassle. They can have uses both in the battlefield, activities like hunting, and sports shooting. So, whatever field you are in, it is a good idea to invest in some high-quality pistol magazines and have them on your tactical gear

    When you start looking for magazines, you can easily come across a variety of them from top brands around. It may be a bit of a hassle to settle for one in the end, because you never know which of them is going to serve you as desired. Fortunately, here at LAPG, we bring you the best quality pistol magazines from all the major manufacturers in the industry. We store products from Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Beretta, CZ-USA, Mec-Gar, Chip McCormick, Magpul, Sentry Hexmag, Wilson Combat, and Walther Arms. All these are trusted brands and you can buy from them with your eyes closed. You’ll never have to face any quality or performance issues when you buy from them. 

    To start your search, check out our best-selling Magpul Industries 12 Round Glock 26 9 x 19MM PMAG Magazine. The product adds control and capacity with minimal footprint. This 12-round magazine is perfect for Glock 26. There’s an inbuilt finger groove that comes along which makes for a perfect full grip. The grasping grooves make for easy retrieval while there are other features that make it one of the best products for any needs. 

    This is not all; there are many other pistol magazines that you can find on our products catalogue for your specific needs. Add a few to your tactical gear and reap all the benefits.

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