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    Stock Pads And Risers

    When your rifle is the part and parcel of your lifestyle, you have to invest in a variety of tactical gear that serves both the function and comfort. That’s exactly the case for police, military, first responder, security guards, hunters, and sports shooters. They have to make sure that they are well-equipped with all the tactical stuff for a range of different situations so that when they have to fire shots, it’s quick and hassle-free. Among all the different types of equipment, stock pads and risers make very important tactical stuff that shouldn’t be overlooked. They help ensure that you do not sustain injuries as you fire shots from your rifle and the shock is padded away to keep your shoulders safe and sound. It is important that you pick the best products from the finest brands around and give yourself a chance to make your overall experience worthwhile.

    The stock recoil pads are a small piece of foam, leather, rubber, or some other soft material that provides cushioning. They are normally attached to your rifle’s buttstock or may be work around the shooter’s shoulder using straps to place something soft between the shoulder and the buttstock. The main purpose these stock pads serve is to offer extra padding between your gun stock and your shoulder as you fire for reducing the recoil felt and for preventing slippage on clothing as you aim. The risers, on the other hand, are used to increase the height of the gunstocks to make sure you fire shots more accurately than ever. Some rifles come with built in stock pads and risers while for others you have to buy them separately. In fact, you might even need them as replacement parts for situations when the original ones have worn out. Whatever the case, just make sure that you buy from the best manufacturers around.

    LA Police Gear is your go-to online store for shopping a wide variety of tactical gear and equipment that would help make your weapons better and ensure that you have a perfect overall experience. Here we bring you the products from top manufacturers in the industry with the likes of Blackhawk and Magpul Industries that have a history of producing top quality gear over the decades. So, you can always count on us for finding yourself the best stock pads and risers among other tactical equipment for your specific needs as a military or police operative.

    Start your search with our Magpul 0.70” Enhanced Rubber Butt-Pad that is meant for the MOE and CTR Carbine Mil-Spec stocks. It also works fine with the STR, UBR, ACS, and ACS-L stocks. Designed for improved shoulder purchase, it also offers a bit better recoil reduction courtesy its thicker and vented construction. All the mounting hardware is included in the package and you won’t have to buy anything separately. Overall, it’s a perfect addition to your tactical gear.

    Equip your tactical gear with the finest quality stock pads and risers and ensure better performance in the field and the shooting range. We have the widest variety of tactical products on offer, so just start looking now!

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