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    Sling Accessories

    As a first responder, security guards, police and military operative, you often have to carry your heavy weapon with you when you are on duty. It can be quite tiresome most of the times to stand on your post for hours and watch out for your enemies all night and all day long. Even if you are a sports shooter or hunter, you’ll find it hard to carry your weapon as you go about your business. To ease your life out, the world’s top tactical gear manufacturers have come up with gun slings that are a kind of strap which could be attached to your weapon and you can carry it on your shoulder rather easily all the time. However, you may need a few sling accessories in order for attaching the slings to your weapon perfectly and to ensure that you carry the weapon in a comfortable manner. There is a variety of these accessories available from different top brands in the market and you should buy ones that you need for your specific requirements.

    As slings refer to the straps which allow gun shooters to carry their firearm conveniently, the sling accessories can include anything that allows one to attach those straps to the weapon and to help maintain a perfect balance. These accessories can include anything from push button sling swivels, sling attachment points, and paraclips to sling mounts, sling adapters, and rear sling attachments with angular. Each of these accessories have a different purpose to serve and they can turn out to be really important as part of the entire sling assembly. So, one really needs to be careful with the selection of the product and they should invest in something from a trusted brand to ensure there are no problems later on.

    In order to help police and military personnel shop for their tactical gear conveniently, we bring you the widest range of sling accessories and other tactical equipment right here at LA Police Gear. Our product range comes from the world’s top brands including Blackhawk, Blue Force Gear, Crosstac, GG&G, High Speed Gear, ITW Military Products, Magpul Industries, Mil-Spec Monkey, Strike Industries, Uncle Mike’s and more. All these brands have spent years in the industry providing top quality tactical products to a wide customer base establishing solid credibility in the market. You can buy from them with full trust and there won’t be any hiccups later on.

    To give you a little demo of the product quality, check out our best-selling Magpul Industries ASAP Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point that comes with lots of amazing features. Allowing a motion range above 180 degrees, it allows for perfect ambidextrous weapon manipulation both for right- and left-handed shooters. Featuring solid cast steel plate and sturdy welded link ring, it is made to accept snap hook-style attachments like MASH hooks, Magpul Paraclip, and HK hooks. Overall, it’s a perfect product to buy whether you’re a sports shooter or you serve in the law enforcement.

    For more sling accessories and other tactical gear, take a look through our products catalogue and serve yourself with some high-quality tactical pieces.

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