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    Handguards & Forends

    Are you in police, military, security guards or first responder teams? Are you a hunter or sports shooter? Do you always have to deal with a lot of weapons in your daily routine? If yes, have you ever thought how safe your weapon is? Do you need any safety equipment to be added to your weapon to make it safe to operate? Fortunately, whether you are in the law enforcement or you are into sports shooting or hunting, you can find a variety of handguards & forends to add to your tactical gear and enjoy enhanced safety as you fire your shots in the field or the shooting range. Whatever is your need, just make sure that you invest in the high-quality, trusted products and make your shooting experience as safe as ever.

    If you don’t know what these handguards precisely refer to, these are the gun parts that simply give you a way of protecting your hands against the heat that your gun barrel generates when you fire your shots. It’s not necessary for them to have points which allow for other accessory attachments. However, you can find custom handguards that offer such options and are becoming increasingly popular among the law enforcement and shooting professionals in general. You can find free floating and drop-in alternatives on the market and can pick one that best fits your weapon. Similarly, you can buy forends that will help you in making multiple add-ons to your weapon possible. There is a variety of makes and models available on the market and online and you easily pick one that’s meant for your specific weapon. It is important, however, that you only go with the products from the trusted brands in order to avoid any hassles at a later stage.

    Here, at LA Police Gear, we bring you the best quality handguards & forends for a variety of different weapons and from a range of trusted manufacturers. We bring you everything in a single place to cut the hassle out of the process. The brands we have in store include Blackhawk, Command Arms Accessories, GG&G, Hogue Grips, Magpul Industries, and Strike Industries. If you have heard these names before, you’d know that they can be trusted with the product quality and function and will only deliver the best products that serve the function better than anything else.

    To get you started, here we have this Magpul Industries MOE M-Lok Handguard, Carbine Length AR 15/M4 that’s been designed to offer all the versatility in the world. There are M-Lok slots incorporated at the 2, 6, and 10 o’clock positions for allowing attachment of the optional 1913 Picatinny rail sections as well as other M-Lok accessories so that you can directly mount your tactical lights, grips, slings, etc. The heat-resistant, reinforced polymer construction offers operation durability without added weight. Overall, it’s a perfect item to have on your tactical gear.

    For more handguards & forends for your tactical gear, explore our products catalogue now! You’ll certainly find something that matches your specific needs.

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