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    Are you in police, military, security guards, or first responder teams? Do you have a malfunctioning firearm that needs some replacement parts? Are you in need of extractors or other gun parts for your tactical gear? You’ve reached the right place! Whenever a firearm malfunctions, you just can’t expect it to do the intended job and a replacement becomes inevitable. Sometimes, it’s just the problematic parts that need to be replaced for making your firearm work as intended. Here at LAPG we bring you the best quality gun parts and a complete range of these parts is available to keep your weapons functioning at all times. And if you are looking for extractors, we bring you the finest quality products from world’s top manufacturers. You can easily find something that meets your specific requirements and brings the best out of your weapon.

    When it comes to bolt-action, pump-action, lever-action, and semi- and fully automatic weapons, the extractors work together with the ejectors for completely removing the fired, empty cartridge cases from your firearm. They remove the case from gun’s chamber and, essentially, pull it back to the rear. Remember that extractors and ejectors aren’t the same and they are two gun parts that work in combination with one another. The extractors only raise the fired case taking it out of a gun’s chamber while the ejectors tend to be spring-loaded and they usually fling those empty cases out of your firearm throwing them over your shoulders as the leave the gun’s chamber empty. Whether you are in need of an extractor or an ejector, it is important that you buy the quality alternatives to keep your weapon functioning optimally and avoid any kind of accidents whatsoever. Buy from the best brands on the market and you’ll end up with some quality products for sure.

    Here at LA Police Gear, we have always brought to you the best quality products from the top brands. Yes, this is your one stop shop for all your tactical gear requirements. It is all about deciding which brand you want to go for and what products you need, and we’ll have them right here for you. When it comes to extractors, we bring you the best products from the brands like Glock. Yes, you must already be familiar with the name as it’s been around for some time now and has a reputation for providing top quality tactical gear to the law enforcement, sports shooters, hunters, and what not.

    To give you the feel of quality you can expect to get here, check out our top-selling Glock Extractor 9mm old style SP00098. The factory OEM original part gives you nothing but the best when it comes to performance. The material used is the same as that in original parts and you can expect the same level of performance and reliability. Go for it if you want an excellent fit as well as reliable operation.

    For more extractors and other reliable tactical gear, start looking through our products catalogue now!

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