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    Charging Handles

    You might need a variety of tools, weapons and equipment as part of your tactical gear when you do your duties in police and military. Even security guards and the first responder squads have similar needs. Whether it is about buying new weapons and clothing or it is about buying replacement parts, you have to be careful with your selection so that you buy only the best products out there. As a law enforcement professional, you might find yourself in need of replacing the charging handles of your weapon at some point in time. The standard charging handle that comes as part of AR-15 weapons might be good enough for practicing at a shooting range but you might need a replacement for more intense activities. In addition, if your left hand is the dominant hand then reaching the standard handle will be very hard as you use a scope.

    The charging handles, also known as bolt handles or cocking handles, refer to the devices used with your firearm which leads to coking or moving of the striker or hammer to the ready position when operated. They let the operator to pull their weapon’s bolt to rear. If, for any reason, you need to replace the cocking handles of your weapon, it is important that you look through the market to come up with some of the best products to choose from. Almost all the major tactical gear manufacturers produce these and you can find their products online and also on the market. It’s just the matter of searching through the available options and picking up the best for yourself from the top brands on the market. The variety available is immense and, therefore, you need to be careful with your selection.

    To take the guessing work out of the process, we bring you the tactical products from a range of top manufacturers in the industry. Here at LAPG you can find charging handles from reliable brands like Strike Industries and GG&G. Both the companies have been serving the industry for years now and have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers both in the law enforcement and the general public. So, you can rely on them for your tactical gear on any day and they won’t disappoint you at all. And, here at LA Police Gear, you can only find the finest selection of their products that will give you the best experience possible.

    The Strike Industries Charging Handle With Extended Latch is by far our best selling product and it will definitely give you a feel of the quality products we have in store for you. It’s a T-6 7075 forged hard anodized charging handle that features a bigger aluminum latch surface to allow for easy functioning even in the adverse conditions. The ergonomic design of the charging handle helps ensure smooth and clean charge.

    For more similar products and high-quality tactical gear, start exploring our products catalogue now. You’ll come across many quality alternatives in charging handles and other gear for the law enforcement.

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