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  • Buffers and Buffer Tubes


    Buffers and Buffer Tubes

    Do you work as first responder or security guards? Are you in military, police or other law enforcement? Are you a professional sports shooter or a hunter? Or just want some general know how of your weapon and different gun parts? In either case, this information is going to be helpful for you in choosing the right parts and components of your weapon should you need a replacement. Among all the necessary components, the buffers and buffer tubes have special importance as they play a crucial part in keeping your weapon functional. Any type of malfunction will result in your weapon going useless and you finding yourself in a difficult situation where a functional weapon could have been a life savior. So, you must ensure that you invest in the quality products whether you are going to put one together or just need a replacement. It will help ensure highest performance standards being met when you are in the field actually doing your duties.

    Buffers are factory-installed components in firearms, and can also be bought as aftermarket components, that help reduce velocity and cushion the impact created by your weapon’s recoiling parts. The buffer tubes, on the other hand, are metal protrusions which stick out of a rifle to serve a couple of functions. They house the complete mechanism of the recoil buffer and also function as an attachment point for buttstock. With these important functions, if you are buying these components as replacement parts, you ought to be cautious that you only buy from the trusted suppliers and get the best-quality products available on the market. Obviously, with so many service providers around, and you not having enough knowledge on how to single out the best from the worst, the only logical decision you could make would be to buy from reliable brands in the industry. Those with years of service providing high-quality tactical gear to the industry are definitely not going to let you down here either.

    With LA Police Gear stocking the highest-quality tactical gear from world’s top manufacturers, you don’t really need to look elsewhere. We bring you everything under one roof and make the job a whole lot easier for even the novice shooters. Here you can get the best quality buffers and buffer tubes from Strike Industries – the world’s top brand in manufacturing gun parts and other tactical stuff. They are reliable and you can take our word for that.

    The Strike Industries AR Forward Assist HEX Design is by far our best selling product in this category. It comes complete with the roll pin and the spring. Made with high-strength 4140 steel, it makes a perfect choice for you if you are planning on an upgrade for your existing component. It also is the best replacement for those broken or worn out gun parts. You can buy it in gold, chrome, and black coating.

    For more buffers and buffer tubes check out our products catalogue and you will find just about everything for your tactical gear to fulfill your specific needs.

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