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  • Bolts and Bolt Carriers


    Bolts and Bolt Carriers

    Professional shooters, police, military, security guards, and first responder squads often have to keep their weapon ready for any kind of situation. But keeping the weapon in perfect working condition requires proper maintenance and you often have to buy some gun parts for that. For instance, the bolts and bolt carriers might need replacement after being worn out due to regular use of your weapon over time. Similarly, there can be different accessories that you might need for keeping your weapon working properly. When you intend to buy something like that for your tactical gear, however, you need to pay full attention to the details and only buy the best products out there. So, what really makes the best? Do you have the expertise required to single out the best tactical products? Well, you can make things simple by buying from the most trusted brands out there.

    Let’s first find out what these bolts and bolt carriers do in your weapon. The bolt is actually a part in repeating, breech-loading firearms which blocks barrel chamber’s rear opening when the propellant starts burning, and it moves back and forth for facilitating loading/unloading of the magazine cartridges. Usually, the firing pin and the extractor make essential parts of a bolt. Bolt Carriers, as the name suggests, are the housing for the bolt and they reset the hammer while it’s riding forward and backward inside the upper. Besides, the carriers are also meant to bear that brunt from gas pressure as it operates. The pressure helps in moving it back for cycling the weapon’s firing mechanism. With all this basic information, you should now start screening through the options available on the market.

    Here at LA Police Gear, we bring you the best quality bolts and bolt carriers from world’s best tactical gear manufacturers. We have the products from top brands lined up right here for you to make your picks. Our collection of bolts and bolt carriers includes products from Magpul, Strike Industries, and Surefire Flashlights. They have all been serving the industry for years and have built their credibility by introducing quality products in the market on a regular basis. They have been the provider of choice for the law enforcement across the US and their products are something you can always rely on.

    To get started, have a look at this Strike Industries Enhanced Bolt Catch that meets the highest quality standards and is a perfect match for your AR15 weapon. With an extra-wide bolt catch lever surface, its operation is completely effortless. The solid construction of this bolt catch makes it a perfect replacement part on your weapon and you won’t face any performance issues whatsoever should you opt for this particular product. The sleek SI design and sturdy steel construction of such gun parts is what makes them the most desirable ones among the law enforcement professionals.

    For more bolts and bolt carriers for your tactical gear, explore our catalogue now. See if there is something you can find that fits your specific requirements.

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