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    Gun Cleaners

    Keeping your weapon clean and functional at all times is really important for you as a police or military operatives. Even security guards, first responder team members, and other law enforcement personnel who have to use guns and weapons in their daily routine must keep the best gun cleaners as part of their tactical gear to ensure optimum performance of their weapon. Even though gun cleaning and care is not just about one product or item and you need everything from cleaners and brushes to mops and patches, choosing the right gun cleaningsolvents turns out to be crucial for a job well done. These cleaning solutions are made by different tactical gear manufacturers and can have different composition or formulation. However, most of them do the job well enough and help ensure your gun stays clean and clear of any obtrusive objects and debris.

    When you fire from your gun, it releases some fine gunpowder particles, metals, and different contaminants inside the firearm which can lead to future malfunctions. In rare cases, extreme buildup can even cause an increase in barrel pressure and the firearm may even explode as a result when fired. So, using the best gun cleaning supplies is really important to avoid any such unwanted accidents. And for proper cleaning, you need the best quality gun cleaners and cleaning brushes to make sure you get the job done well every time. Just get the cleaners into the barrel of your weapon using a cleaning brush, let it soak in, and take out all the debris or contaminants inside. Just make sure whatever cleaner you are using is high quality, can get the job done, and is friendly to the environment.

    To bring you the best products for your tactical gear, we have always gone that extra mile to make sure you don’t have to face any issues in future with anything you buy from us. We bring you the highest quality stuff from the top brands in the industry including Hoppe’s 9, FrogLube, Flitz, 5ive Star Gear, Break-Free, Southern Bloomer, and Pro-Shot Products. When you buy from these brands it means that you are getting your hands at nothing but the best. They have spent years of research on their products and have refined them over time to make sure only quality products reach their customers and that they built a reputation in the market and get the better of their competition. So, rest assured of quality when you buy a product from any of these top brands here at LA Police Gear.

    Try out this FrogLube 5ML Squeeze Pack first as it’s among our best-selling products and can produce great results. The biodegradable lubricant has been made with USDA certified Food-Grade ingredients. FrogLube ensures you get a durable wax-like dry slick surface reducing friction, destroying rust, and eliminating fouling to produce great results. It’s a must-have for your tactical gear.

    Start exploring our range of best gun cleaners now and give yourself the best supplies to maintain your tactical gear.

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