Nine Line Molon Labe Spartan Mens T-Shirt

Item Code: MOLON-TS
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  • High-grade ring spun cotton
  • Resistant to shrinking
  • Durable
  • lightweight
  • Tighter weave
  • Detail
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    "Molon Labe," when translated means "Come and Take It," it is the defiant response of King Leonidas of Sparta when the Persian army called for the surrender of the Greeks. The Spartans were warriors, unyielding of their freedom after years of slavery. They would rather die fighting than submitting to a life of servitude. Today, "Molon Labe" is a term that holds the same fervor amidst the people of our nation. We will not give in to oppression. Our freedom cannot be taken from us.


    • Front: Drop Line
    • Back: Molon Labe Spartan
    • Sleeve: Nine Line Apparel American Flag

    Nine Line Molon Labe Spartan Mens T-Shirt

    Reviews / Q&A