North American Rescue EZ-10 Manual Extremity Needle Set

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EZ-IO provides the medical professional immediate vascular access to the central circulation within seconds, delivering medications, intravenous fluids and blood products to adult and pediatric patients. With a specially designed cutting IO needle, manual driver, or small power driver, the EZ-IO allows the clinician complete control avoiding the use of force. EZ-IO provides rapid, smooth entry into the bone’s medullary cavity, creating an immediate conduit to the central circulation.


  • Requires minimal pressure
  • Six different FDA cleared sites for easily accessible insertion (Proximal Tibia, Proximal Humerus, and Distal Tibia)
  • Fluids, medications and drugs delivered immediately to central circulation
  • Low profile EZ-Connect included with every needle
  • Device is silent and well adapted for confined space
  • Body armor can remain intact, in place if needed with manual needle

  • Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.4 oz.

  • North American Rescue EZ-10 Manual Extremity Needle Set