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Package Deals


Package Deals

Can’t afford the most expensive tactical gear for your routine duties in the police, military, security guards or first responder teams? Why not buy some of the best package deals and get maximum value for every buck you spend. Yes, that’s very much possible and you can even find the affordable deals from world’s top manufacturers right here at LA Police Gear. The idea is to make sure that you can focus on your job performance without having to worry at all about the costs you may have to bear in keeping your tactical gear up-to-date. The tactical stuff you might need isn’t just a couple of items that you can buy anytime, instead you have to buy lots of stuff from clothing, survival gear, and tools to gun parts, outdoor gear and much more. So, it is always a great idea to save yourself some money and buy your desired tactical items in packages to keep the costs under control.

Here at LAPG, we have made it a point to bring you the finest quality gear with the guarantee to keep the costs to bare minimum. In fact, that’s the very reason why we decided to introduce package deals to our valued customers. We bring you the most valuable packages from world’s top manufacturers with the goal to ensure that all your needs are fulfilled. The products usually packaged together are closely related and a police or military operative would find them useful in their everyday routine. For instance, it could be a multi-tool and a folding knife packaged together to offer them all the utility they need when performing their duties somewhere on the borders or in remote areas where such stuff is hard to come by. All our products are tested for quality and have received great reviews from our customers.

When you shop for your tactical gear here at the LAPG, you can expect to get the finest products from top manufacturers on the market. When it comes to our package deals, we have in store the quality products from brands like LA Police Gear, Gerber, Humvee, Smith & Wesson, and UZI. So, if these names sound familiar, you should definitely start exploring our product catalogue now. They have all been synonymous to quality for a long time now and buying from them shouldn’t give you any issues to face in the future. You have our word on that.

If you’re just starting out with our packages and are looking for some quality folding knives, we’d recommend this Schrade 3 piece folding knife combo set that brings you three pieces of high-quality folding knives that would be your life savior in any combat situation. You can save considerably by buying these knives in the package and can have their application beyond law enforcement as well. They’re useful for hunting, camping, and even general EDC.

So, what are you waiting for then? With some amazing package deals on offer, buy your tactical gear here at LAPG now!