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Imminent Threat Solutions Kevlar Escape Laces

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Now available in both Black and Brown, we?re proud to introduce the first shoelaces and bootlaces on the market designed for escaping illegal restraint. The ITS Escape Laces? come in 54?, 60? and 72? sizes, enabling you to utilize them as a friction saw to melt right through plastic zip ties.

As demonstrated in the video above, simply removing a lace, tying two knots and bicycling your feet will burn through zip ties, enabling escape from unlawful restraint from a commonly used item in home invasions.Unlike other laces on the market woven with nylon or other materials, the ITS Escape Laces? are constructed with DuPont? Kevlar?, providing 360 lbs. of tensile strength. Inherently fire resistant and chemical resistant, these laces are nearly unbreakable and won?t melt!

Even if you never wind up needing to melt through a zip tie, these laces are perfect for Firefighters, Welders, Construction workers, or anyone working around flames or sparks. Even those that are tired of breaking laces can benefit from a pair of ITS Escape Laces.

For best sizing results, measure your current laces and order the closest size.


  • Constructed with DuPont? Kevlar
  • 360 lb. Tensile Strength
  • Heat Shrunk Aglet Tips
  • Available in Black and Brown
  • Available in 54?, 60? and 72?
  • Made in the USA
  • Escaping Zip Ties used as a Friction Saw
  • Bow Drill Fire Starter Line that Won?t Melt
  • Bombproof Shoelaces and Bootlaces
  • WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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