Hatch Tactical Reactor Hard-Knuckle Glove

Item Code: RHK25
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Hatch Tactical Reactor Hard Knuckle Gloves feature Hatch's unique leather covered hard knuckle design with heavy padding in the palm and around the outer edges of the hand for excellent protection. Designed for all SWAT and tactical teams, military ground combat forces in mechanized vehicles and Special Forces. Perfect for breaking and raking or using a battering ram.

  • Knuckles are covered with .7mm-.8mm aniline goatskin leather to reduce IR signature of the glove
  • Knuckles formed from hard polymer for the protection you really need
  • Additional leather, foam and padding to protect the tops of the knuckles on the fingers
  • Additional PVC non-slip across the meaty portion of the palm and base of the fingers
  • Leather covered hard knuckle reduces noise
  • The design tapers up the outside wrist to protect this sensitive area
    Hatch Tactical Reactor Hard-Knuckle Glove
  • Reviews / Q&A