GearClip Duty Belt Clip


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LAPG Note - This is one of the more simple, yet innovative products we have seen in a long time! A great way to get your locker organized.

The GearClip Duty Belt Clip gets rid of the old twisted wire hangers and allows officers to hang their duty belt, dress belt, keepers, keys, and uniforms on your locker door. Your most used and accessed items will always be within easy reach while at the same time creating more room inside your locker for all your other tools.

The GearClip Duty Belt Clip accepts most major leather and nylon duty belts. GearClip is also very proud that our products are 100% American made and have a lifetime guarantee!

The GearClip Duty Belt Clip can be attached to any standard locker door that has louvered vents. The short end of the device with the hole slides down through the vent louver so that it is visible on the outside of the locker door.

Duty belts with metal hook connections attach to the GearClip by sliding the hooks underneath the device until they latch into place. The duty belt can then be removed by grasping the sides of the GearClip, lifting it off of the locker slightly, pushing up on the belt until the hooks disengage, and then sliding the belt down.

Duty belts with plastic buckles attach to the two lower hooks of the GearClip by using the female end of the belt buckle. The buckle slides on and rests on both hooks. Simply lift the belt up to remove it from the GearClip.

Your dress belt and/or keys can be secured on the top single hook. The exterior hole can be used to hang a standard metal hanger with your uniform, a towel or anything else you would like.
GearClip Duty Belt Clip

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Reviews / Q&A

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