FrogLube 1 oz. Solvent Spray Bottle

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    FROGLUBE Solvent is a cutting edge biodegradable product made from USDA Certified Food-Grade ingredients. All ingredients are produced in the USA using a proprietary formula. This product is specifically designed to work with FrogLube CLP Liquid or Paste, to provide a complete totally green weapons care system.

    FROGLUBE Solvent is designed to quickly attack surface fouling, baked on or filmed residues and other metallic fouling such as lead and copper, while protecting firearms coating, paints, wood, and other materials from the corrosive effects of petroleum-based flammable and toxic weapons care products. Frequent use will keep firearms running at optimal performance and not harm the FrogLube coating.

    FROGLUBE Products will not harm the environment. They can be disposed of without the need for prohibitive HAZMAT controls. Users will be protected from the affects of working in and around toxic chemicals.

  • Creates a durable and dry slippery surface that reduces friction anddissolves carbon on contact.
  • Liquid and paste can be used interchangeably as a CLP. The Liquid was designed to penetrate into the internals and the paste serves well as a "stick where you want it" lubricant for the externals.
  • Froglube contains no known toxins, so it is safe to handle or to come into contact with skin and it will not irritate eyes.
  • Firearms parts can be warmed before application to improve the application and absorption. A few minutes in the sun will do it, or apply right after shooting when weapon is hot.
  • When used repeatedly, Froglube eases later cleaning
  • Also acts extremely well as a rust preventative
    FrogLube 1 oz. Solvent Spray Bottle
    WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
  • Reviews / Q&A