First Tactical 1.75" Tactical Belt 143010

Item Code: 143010
  • D-Ring
  • Aluminum / Steel Buckle
  • Pre-Curved Nylon Webbing
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    The First Tactical 1.75" Tactical Belt is designed to stand up to the rigors of daily professional use while maintaining shift-long comfort. The aluminum / steel buckle is built for unmatched durability and strength. Strength rated at 9 kN (2023 lbf) direct or 18kN (4046 lbf) indirect units of force, you won't find a more reliable or durable duty belt. With it's ergonomically curved shape, the comfort is 2nd to none.

    Pre-Curved Nylon Webbing
    The sturdy, high density webbing is designed with a twill weave edge for smoother belt loop feeding, and ergonomically curved to follow the natural waist.

    The belt's internal sidebar is under cut with "teeth" allowing it to bite down when strapped for extra support while providing last chance capabilities.

    Reviews / Q&A

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