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Decal Grip Rubber Grip Black Tape HK USP 9/40/357 FULL HKUSP

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MSRP: $11.99


ASSEMBLED: in Mexico. MATERIAL: special synthetic rubber grip texture (resilient type) with presure sensitive adhesive backing, non-abrasive and will not reflect light. Made in USA THICKNESS: approximately 1/32". COLOR: black. TEXTURE/GRANULES: medium type cobblestone texturing. RESISTANT TO: moister, gun oils and solvents which make cleaning extremely easy. PRESURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE special pressure sensitive adhesive backing that will not harm the surface its applied to, and once installed it will not peel off unless you want it to. AVAILABLE FOR: most modern polymer frame pistols and rifles. APLICATIONS: a grip panel that offers a positive grip on the new generation of polymer frame pistols, excellent results in harsh environments/climates such as: sweat, rain, snow, heat, humidity, mud, saltwater, underwater, etc. SHIP WEIGHT: approx. 0.04 lbs per unit/set
TUBE OR SLIP ON GRIP TYPE SLEEVES on some guns do not fit perfectly, and allow the gun to shift inside the sleeve and add undesirable bulk to the grip area, throwing aim off. Yet bare polymer has one shortcoming, the grip has a tendency to get slippery when wet, even with generous texturing. A convenient solution is DECAL GRIP, specially designed grip enhancement for the new generation of polymer frame/steel upper handguns VERY,VERY ECONOMICAL, easier on the pocket book; LOOKS OEM... just like if they where an original part of your gun, and will keep looking that way for many years; DECAL GRIP's SLIP-FREE MATERIAL AND SUPERIOR TRACTION OFFER A POSITIVE GRIPPING IN HARSH ENVIRONMENTS. Under stress situations and regardless of sweat, rain, snow, heat, humidity, mud, saltwater or even underwater, etc., your handgun must remain secure in your hand even after recoil or repeated shots, only then your in control of the handgun and your rounds will find their mark quickly and effectively; HYGENIC it will not hold smell or moister due basically from sweat; IMPERVIOUS AND RESISTANT to water, solvents* and oils* and virtually indestructible; EXTRAORDINARY THIN AND LIGHTWEIGHT, only 1/40" thick for our sand grip texture material (and 1/32" for rubber grip texture). DECAL GRIP-SAND GRIP TEXTURE is an excellent choice where the grip width is critical (excellent for the larger capacity/width frame pistols); VERSATILE, you can mix between grip textures (sand and rubber) and create a unique hybrid grip texture "The First of its Kind"; ZERO LIGHT REFLECTION, available only for our rubber grip texture; TACTICAL, you use only those pieces/strips necessary; APPROVED AND IN USE TODAY by numerous professional shooters (IPSC, IDPA, etc.)including Military and LEOs around the country
1. Install onto any clean degreased surface (may use rubbing alcohol to clean surface) IMPORTANT: apply above 50.F (10.C) and "DO NOT TOUCH THE ADHESIVE SURFACE" as this can reduce adherence. 2. Remove paper backing and press firmly working toward edges. "MAKE CERTAIN ALL EDGES ARE ADHERED" (...THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR A LONG-LASTING SERVICE!) 3. Place each pre-cut piece/strip as indicated on original packaging (each handgun model has different places on where to apply). For "Tactical Purposes" you may choose all or only those pieces/strips necesary. Minor trimming may be required on some handguns. If installed correctly, they will stay put and won't shift even after cleaning. REMOVAL: 1. DECAL GRIP can be easily removed and replaced by hand. Once removed we do not recommend replacing nor the use of any type of adhesive for new adherence. Instead and for what its worth we recommend purchasing a new set of DECAL GRIP's. CLEANING: 2. Normally they stay clean but if required, you may choose between using any standard gun solvent *and/or oil,* or just plain soap and water.
Decal Grip Rubber Grip Black Tape HK USP 9/40/357 FULL HKUSP 0 0
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