Crosstac AK-47 Armorer Block

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    Crosstac has created the first ever Armorer's Block for an AK! Precision-machined just like our popular AR-15 block, but specifically for AK-47 rifles. It fits securely into the mag well, allowing you to clamp the rifle into a vise securely. Clears trigger group for performing trigger work. It makes working on your AK a much easier undertaking. it's virtually indestructible and resistant to all oils and solvents.

    Precision machining equals tighter tolerances and a more solid block. Most other blocks are injection molded which can give you tight tolerances, but not necessarily a solid block and you'll probably get some "X" walls. Precision machining allows us to cut straight angles that would stick the part in a standard injection mold.


    • An absolutely indispensable piece of gear for any armorer or hobbyist armorer with an AK-47.
    • CNC machined, not injection molded.
    • Made from super tough, ultra high molecular weight, high-density polyethelyne.
    • Resists all common solvents.
    • Holds receiver firmly, snaps in like a magazine.
    • Work on triggers and mount scopes easily.
    • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.

    Crosstac AK-47 Armorer Block
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    Reviews / Q&A

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