Crosstac Tactical Ambi Sling Connector Tips

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Attention single point sling users! You can easily switch from one firearm to another in seconds.

By using extra sling connector tips, now you can keep the sling on your body. Simply keep a sling tip on each firearm you want to use. When you want to switch from one platform to another, it takes only a couple of seconds to unclip and reclip. Excellent for LE applications - for example switching from rifle to shotgun. Available in all of our Ambi Sling colors and all connector options, including the Bold line of Ambi Slings.


  • Quick change between weapon platforms
  • HK, QD, or MASH connectors
  • Same tip as shipped with our Ambi Slings
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac
    Crosstac Tactical Ambi Sling Connector Tips
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  • Reviews / Q&A

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