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    Women’s Bags and Purses

    When it comes to tactical gear, the functionality and the fit of your tactical equipment affects your on-job performance directly. Now, this stands true whether you are in police, military, security guards, or first responder teams. For women, however, the obstacle gets much bigger. Men usually have smaller stuff to carry but female operators often have a lot of knick knacks to carry with them. So, women’s bags and purses also make an essential item for their tactical gear because they have to carry all their stuff with them most of the times. Nevertheless, they have quite a few amazing options available that won’t just fit their specific requirements as they do their duty, offering maximum mobility and style at the same time, but will also address the aesthetics.

    The women’s bags and purses that have been designed according to their tactical needs are usually made flexible, stylish, and multifunctional giving them storage for their travel, work, and recreation all at the same time. From chic and stylish options to the most functional alternatives, you can find just about everything meeting your specific needs as they offer lots of secure storage space with great weather protection.

    At LA Police Gear, we understand how important women’s bags and purses are for their tactical gear and, therefore, we bring you the best quality products from top brands. We store top names in the industry like LA Police Gear, Galco, and 5.11 Tactical which means you never have to worry about the quality of the products and they’ll serve the purpose quite precisely as well. There are some of the most stylish and functional products that you can find here on our catalogue. Multifunctional in nature, most of our women’s bags and purses can be used for various different purposes to minimize the need for carrying a separate purse and a concealed carrying case. Besides, the specific features built into these purses and bags are always worth it and they offer all the ease and flexibility you need as a woman when you are serving in one of the most challenging professions like military and police.

    To get the real feel of what we have on offer, check out this Galco Metropolitan Handgun Purse that is one of the popular choices among our customers. It is tailor made for the executive women who always want to carry it all. The spacious bag can carry your paperwork and can easily double up as your shopping partner over the weekends. The divider inside allows you to keep things organized while there’s also a pocket to keep your mobile phone, eyeglasses, and just about everything else. Besides, the handbag also comes with a side-entry, self-contained holster compartment featuring a reliable locking zipper to accommodate most large- and small-frame firearms. So, it makes quite a handy product to have on your tactical gear.

    That’s not the end ladies! Just start exploring our products catalogue and find yourself some of the most amazing women’s bags and purses to add to your tactical gear.

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