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ZEV Technologies



Born out of a small living room, ZEV Technologies has grown to be the leading manufacturer of performance components for Glock firearms.  Zev Tech demonstrates the highest level of design in the follow ways for Glock pistol triggers and components. 

With innovative design as the ZEV technologies gallery illustrates, ZEV Technologies after-market Glock upgrades offer stunning visual and fully functional application to any GLOCK. From their signature slides and dimpled barrels, to their fulcrum trigger kits, the look of ZEV products sets the highest standard that other competitors will find difficult to live up to.

ZEV Tech wants their products to be all about the 'Feel'. The overall appeal of ZEV Technologies products is carefully designed to harmonize with the already legendary GLOCK name. Each ZEV product takes into account the comfort or 'feel' of functionality of each component to arrive at a satisfaction that can only be achieved with with products.

But it's really all about the Performance. ZEV Technologies products are all designed with performance first in mind. Whether you are a professional shooter, a tactical operator, law enforcement officer, military member or simply just looking for a beautifully-designed and updated GLOCK, then ZEV upgrades will surprise you with their outstanding performance, and wow your co-workers and friends. 

If you want the best parts available for your Glock pistol, then go with Zev Technologies!  LA Police Gear is an authorized dealer for ZEV Technologies. And since the Glock is the firearm of choice amongst the LAPG staff, we highly recommend all the fantastic upgrades ZEV offers.  We know because we use the ZEV Technology products ourselves.