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    Even if you only know the most basic of information about firearms, you will still know that the Trijicon Brand Optics and Riflescopes is clearly the leader in the tactical field worldwide.  As the main supplier to police, military, SWAT, and tactical units all over the world, Trijicon Brand optics and red dot sights have become the "go to" standard that all the other weapon optics companies try so hard to replicate. Trijicon optics meet the most rigorous standards of quality, reliability and combat effectiveness thus making them a favorite and highly rated aiming system for all professionals on the front lines. 

    LAPG is an authorized dealer for Trijicon optics. Many of our staff have used them to drop enemies down range. Bottom line is if we need to go into combat right now, we are grabbing out rifles and pistols outfitted with Trijicon brand products. And if you're not on mission critical or a tactical operator, consider looking for something a little more traditional for your rifle with the AccuPoint series of scopes. 

    And while you are perusing LA Police Gear's line of Trijicon products, and dreaming of a perfect out coming on your next tactical mission, you have to check out the new Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight.  It is revolutionizing the pistol red dot sight world.  Of course, some people are still faithful to the old and trusted scopes and sights for their handguns, so we say check out the Trijicon RMR Red Dot Sights.  With the Trijicon name behind the product, no matter what you choose, you will be well-served! 

    We have our very helpful staff standing by for your call for large orders and/or GSA pricing.

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