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    Taran Tactical Innovations Brand (also known as TTI), is world renowned for their incredible series of Firepower Base Pads and Magazine Extensions. But few people know about their other amazing firearm saluteparts, accessories and springs.  Taran Tactical TTI makes products for Glock, Sig, S&W M&P, ARs, Sig MPX, and many other pistols and rifles.  And hey, we almost forgot to add shotguns like the Benelli series M2s and M4s.

    If you want to see TTI gear in action just go watch a hi John Wick movie!  Taran Tactical Brand is the Ultimate Weapons & Accessories for the Tactical Operator and Competition Shooter.  Firepower Base Pads and Magazine Extenders are authorized for police duty and even carried by law enforcement  departments.  

    LA Police Gear carries a wide variety of products from Taran Tactical Innovations.  Our avid target shooting staff at LAPG religiously use Taran Tactical Innovation's accessories and they give the brand two big thumbs up!

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