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Sentry Hexmag



Every round counts. Ammunition round, that is. And there is no other name-brand like Sentry Hexmag that can offer AR magazine designs that deliver proven durability and reliability, as well as superior strength all at an unbeatable price. In 2017 Sentry Products Group acquired Hexmag, and the marriage between a brand that offers the best AR magazines on the market today and the incomparable proprietary PolyHex2 Advanced Composite Hexmag designed grip, has been unbreakable ever since.

'Live to Protect' is the Sentry motto as well as a promise to its tactical customers.  If you are in law enforcement or a member of the military, a tactical operator, an avid huntsman or even a competitive shooter, we at LA Police Gear know you know the name Sentry Hexmag and that you're probably even a faithful user of the Sentry Hexmag AR Magazines.  How can you not? Because whether you're target shooting with multiple rounds of ammunition, or engaging in a life or death situation with just one round, as the user you need to depend on hitting your target. And your tactical gear needs to perform at peak performance every time. 

The Sentry brand is known worldwide to deliver some of the markets best tactical gear and firearms accessories.  With the Hexmag magazines innovative superior grip, it will work in any climate and fits perfectly into the hex-shaped cavities of Hexmag's AR-10/AR-15 magazines.  The die-cut, self-adhesive Hexmag Grip Tape can be cut in any way and can be removed and reapplied multiple times.   LA Police Gear is your trusted source for all Sentry Brand Hexmag Series 10 round and 30 round Magazines for your NATo 5.56mm AR type right.