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Patrick Kruse is a good man.  In fact, a great man!  Because no matter where his outdoor passion takes him, he always makes sure his canine companions are alongside him all the way.  Launched from his own garage, Patrick started Ruffwear Performance dog gear company to ensure his dogs could be safely at his side daily, no matter what the adventure entailed.  Most of our staff at LA Police Gear are HUGE animal lovers - yes, we are all super lucky to be able to bring our pets to work with us - and hands down Ruffwear is one of LAPG's most favorite brands.  

As you can imagine, when it comes to our love for our four-legged companions, the LAPG staff is always ready to personally try any and all brands that involve our pets somehow.  Whether we go on long hikes, or camping, hunting and even playing on the water, Ruffwear is THE dog gear that holds up to everything our dogs do. And we proudly stand behind the Ruffwear Brand due to all our own personal experiences with the product. 

Most of LAPG's staff dogs already wear the Ruffwear Front Range Harness. Can you believe the harness was built from the dog's perspective, NOT the owner, so it's super comfortable for dogs and easy to put on and take off by their humans. The Ruffwear harness includes an aluminum V-ring that centered on the dog's back for every day walkings without causing tension around the neck.  Plus the harness offers the ability to lift-and-assist your best friend, as well as offers safety control while leash walking or for other training lessons.

With a wide array of fantastic LAPG-Approved Ruffwear products like leashes, collars, tactical boots (don't laugh, it's a REAL thing) and life jackets as well as travel gear, camping gear, and even winter gear, you can be rest-assured that your full-time companion and best friend can be safely by your side every day and on every adventure!  LA Police Gear staff ❤️ our pets, and we ❤️ Ruffwear!