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Nocs Provisions


Nocs Provisions were made to serve the next generation of humans with the goal to disconnect from technology and look deeper in nature. With compact waterproof binoculars built to travel, Nocs aims to make the discovery and study of our surroundings simple. Paired with a sense of wonder and curiosity, Nocs Believes this will foster understanding and compassion for our planet. Nocs are a tool to be present in the moment and to see the deep interconnectedness of all living things on this earth. It’s time that we return to nature as our source of truth.

Designed and prototyped in the Outer Sunset, sketched, modeled and printed over twenty prototypes with a hand built 3D printer. Working with a manufacturer with over 35 years experience, Nocs leveraged the latest advances in optical coatings, prism technologies, and waterproofing methods, to create a compact binocular with some of the best optics in its class.